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RIPROF Zambia is a not-for-profit and non-governmental organization that aims to empower women and children in Zambia through various activities and projects. Founded in 1994 as an interdisciplinary network for the promotion of women and children, RIPROF Zambia has since carried out several projects in Lusaka District to help vulnerable individuals and communities.

Origin and Purpose

The idea to establish RIPROF Zambia began in 1994, when the founder attended a conference in Senegal on Women’s Status in Sub-Saharan Africa. During the conference, it was revealed that women and children were facing many challenges for their empowerment. Thus, RIPROF Zambia was established as an organization that champions strategic sustainable development and aims to develop the spirit of love, understanding, mutual aid, and mutual assistance among its members, women, and children..

Mission and Objectives

RIPROF Zambia’s mission is to promote the strategic, sustainable, and comprehensive development of women and children in Zambia, Africa, and the world. To achieve this mission, RIPROF Zambia has set several objectives, which include:

  • Developing social and cultural structures to protect the social supervision and integration of displaced or marginalized, refugee and immigrant women and children
  • Developing action strategies to combat illiteracy, mortality, and morbidity of women and children
  • Promoting food security, nutrition, hygiene, and health for women and children
  • Collaborating with other stakeholders on the establishment of an information bank, data and documentation center on women for displaced or marginalized children, refugees, and immigrants
  • Developing structures to revive income-generation activities in the fields of crafts, agriculture, and cosmetics
  • Developing social programs and structures for the encampment and training of orphans and child-mothers

Target Audience

RIPROF Zambia’s target audience includes women, children, and vulnerable communities in Zambia. The organization focuses on empowering women and children by providing them with education, income-generating activities, and rehabilitation services. RIPROF Zambia also collaborates with other stakeholders to establish information centers and develop social programs for displaced or marginalized children, refugees, and immigrants.

Works and Projects

Since its establishment in 1994, RIPROF Zambia has carried out several projects in Zambia, mostly focused on helping vulnerable individuals and communities in Lusaka District. Some of the projects include:

  • Community outreach programs in Lusaka District, which involved interacting with members of the community and other stakeholders
  • Training women on various income-generating activities in agriculture and entrepreneurship
  • Donating food items and clothes to street kids in different parts of Lusaka District, such as Soweto market and City Market
  • Awareness campaigns for women and girls on women’s rights and gender equality in the society and households


RIPROF Zambia is an organization that is committed to empowering women and children in Zambia. Through its various projects and activities, RIPROF Zambia has been able to make a significant impact in the lives of vulnerable individuals and communities. The organization’s mission and objectives reflect its commitment to promoting the strategic, sustainable, and comprehensive development of women and children in Zambia and beyond.


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