RIPROF (Réseau Interdisciplinaire pour la promotion de la femme et de l”enfant) - interdisciplinary network to empower women and children - was established in 1994, following a conference in Senegal on Women’s Status in Sub-Saharan Africa. The founder recognized the many challenges that women and children face for their empowerment, and RIPROF was established as a not-for-profit and nongovernmental organization operating in Zambia.

Our Mission

to promote the strategic sustainable and comprehensive development of women and children in the Zambia, Africa and the world

Our Objectives

Develop the spirit of love, understanding, mutual aid and mutual assistance between members, women and children;

Our Values

We deal with the problems related to poor socioeconomic conditions of women and children

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Our Work and Projects

Since our establishment in 1994, RIPROF Zambia has carried out several projects in Zambia, mostly focused on helping the vulnerable people in Lusaka District. Our projects include:

About Us: Meet the Team

At RIPROF Zambia, we are a team of passionate individuals dedicated to romoting the strategic, sustainable, and comprehensive development of women and children in Zambia, Africa, and beyond. Our team consists of experienced professionals with diverse backgrounds and expertise in various fields.

Marie-Claire Lepina

Founder and Executive Director